Photoshop 101: How To Add Vignette To A Photo In Photoshop

Vignette is a term used in photography and photo retouching and is simply darkening of the edges of a photo to give it a more creative feel.

Sometimes, Vignette is used to make the subject of your photo pop out more, other times it’s used to give a rustic feel to an image. Either way, creating a Vignette is really easy to do in photoshop, and can be done in just a few steps.

For this quick tutorial, we’ll be using the photo of a woman on a motorcycle below (credit: Pixabay User 889464).

Get the original photo here

1. Open The Image In Photoshop

After starting up photoshop, just go to the file menu and choose open photo. A selection box will open and you just need to select your photo and open it.

2. Create A New Layer

After your image opens, create a new layer by selecting Layer in the top menu > NewLayer…

You’ll see a New Layer window pop up and you can give the layer a name if desired. I called this one “Vignette Layer”.

Click the OK button.

3. Add Vignette To Image

Go to the left side bar tools and make sure that black is selected as your foreground color

Next, Select the Paint Bucket Tool

Using the paint bucket tool, fill the Vignette Layer with black

Next, reduce the fill in the Layers tab on the left to 50%

Your Image will now look like this:

Now, clear Out Center Of Photo With Eraser Tool

Select the Eraser tool from the left sidebar tools

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Configure the eraser as follows:

  • Opacity: 75%
  • Size: variable, meaning you want to circle to cover about 1/4th of the image
  • Hardness: 0%

The eraser circle should be about a fourth of the image’s overall width:

Now, just erase the center of the photo. I’ve put a box in approximately the space you want to erase:

If you’re not happy with the intensity of the vignette, you can always change the opacity of the layer.

Once you’ve erased the darkness from the center of the image, you’ll be left with your final product!

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Photoshop 101: How To Add Vignette To A Photo In Photoshop

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