How To Resize An Image For Your Facebook Posts In Photoshop

It’s a known fact that Facebook posts that have images get 39% more interaction, according to Buffer.

Photo posts on Facebook are more engaging, catch the eye and can even stir emotion. The most popular viral posts contain stirring images and textual content that moves people to take action and either click a link or read and engage.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will show you how to correctly resize your images for use in Facebook posts so that the whole image fits in the post.

We will be using this image by KasunChamara on Pixabay for the tutorial.

FaceBook Post Image Size Requirements

Facebook has specific image size requirements for the display of images in posts. The Current (2017) Facebook Image size is 1200 px x 630 px which will scale down to 470 pixels wide (1:1 scale ratio) in the feed.

How To Correctly Resize A Photo For A Facebook Photo Post

#1. Open Image in Photoshop

Open image in photoshop.Click Open or choose File > Open. Navigate to the desired image and click Open.

Keep in mind that you should you a fairly high resolution image to begin with that’s over 1300 px wide.

#2. Crop Image

Click on the Crop Tool  on the left sidebar.

Photoshop Crop Tool

Click the drop-down next the Crop Tool icon in the toolbar and select W x H X Resolution.

Input the Facebook suggested dimensions into the input fields next to the drop-down menu.

W – 1200 px

H – 630 px

PPI – 72

Photoshop Crop Tool Inputs

Now you can use the corners to resize the selection box and drag the image to show only the part of the image you are looking for.

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Once you are happy with the selection select the check mark in the toolbar to the right or hit Enter.

#3. Save Image

Choose File > Save As… and rename the file.

Once the JPEG Options dialog box pops up be sure that the quality slider is all the way to the right at large file or type “12” into the Quality input field and click OK.

That’s it!

You have now successfully resized your image for Facebook! You can upload the image through Facebook uploader and know that it will be the proper requirements.

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How To Resize An Image For Your Facebook Posts In Photoshop

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