Best FREE Photoshop Font Plugins For Every Designer

Opening your web browser, typing a URL for a font retailer,  finding a font you like out of the thousands available, downloading it, installing it, and the potentially having to restart Photoshop to recognize the newly loaded font can be a pain. Not to mention the drag it can be on your computer to have thousands of fonts loaded ready to go. It seems we aren’t the only ones that find searching and loading fonts to be a pain Well, we here at Photoshoply have not one, but two solutions for you, all for FREE!


First, we have a plugin that easily lets you access the entire Google Web Fonts library without ever having to leave Photoshop, Fontea. This free plugin is compatible with Photoshop CC on both Windows and Mac computers and brings one-click access to over 800 fonts without having to download them all. This is especially useful for web designers as you will be sure that the fonts you are using can be run in all browsers without issue, allowing realistic mockups.

The plugin shows as a palette allowing you a preview of each font, as well as the ability to favorite, run filters based on font type, and search for a font by name. You can update multiple type layers at the same time just by selecting the layer and clicking on the new font on the Fontea palette.

Fontea was created by the amazing crew over at Source which has created many other plugins, both free and paid. This company has done an amazing job with this plugin and we encourage you to download Fontea and head over to their site for more quality Photoshop plugins.

DownloadFontea - Completely Free



Second, we have a plugin that easily lets you access over 150,000 fonts from FontShop via a palette. This free plugin is compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and Photoshop CC on both Windows and Mac computers. The plugin allows you to “preview” the font in Photoshop on your text layer before downloading it. Now we say it like that because when you click the preview button an image of the font is displayed where your text is to give you an idea of what it will look like, we will explain why later.

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Some other great features include searching for fonts by name, designer, foundry name, or filtering by style to narrow down your search. You can “Like” fonts and there’s even a button to show similar fonts based on your current selection. Unlike with Fontea, FontShop does not display all fonts for a family, you need to click on the font to look at the different font weights and styles.

As mentioned before the plugin is created and provided to you by FontShop. They are a company that provides fonts for purchase and download. That’s right we said purchase, though the plugin is free the fonts are not, but it is still a very powerful plugin. The fact that you can preview fonts inside of your document is amazing and can decrease the chances of downloading a font that just doesn’t really work once you finally input it into your document. Another great thing about this is this plugin also works with Adobe® Illustrator, InDesign, and Fireworks. So if you work across multiple platforms then this plugin might be something to seriously look into.

DownloadFontShop - Free Plugin

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Best FREE Photoshop Font Plugins For Every Designer

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