50 Best Photoshop Effects For Digital Photos 2017

Photoshop Effects Can Really Add Spice To Your Digital Photos!

Photoshop effects is one of the most searched terms on Google when it comes to Photography and digital photo manipulation. Knowing what effect to use on any given image is essential when you really want to catch your viewer’s eye. There are thousands of Photoshop effects tutorials on the internet, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 you might use in the near future.

1. Retro Comic Book Photoshop Effect

There’s always an excuse to use the retro comic book Photoshop effect. It’s cool and since retro is in, having this Photoshop effect in your toolbox is very handy. Many people instantly relate to the comic book look as it takes them back to their childhood, and photos that use the comic book look tend to get a lot of attention. This tutorial walks you through the transformation from boring ol’ photo to a fun and visually stunning comic book look! Read The Tutorial

2. Add A Lomo Camera Effect To Your Photos

The Lomo LC-A Camera originally was a cheap Russian camera that created rather substandard pictures by most people’s standards, but due to the artistic look that the camera generated, a large following of photographers have cropped up, using these photos for edgy and vintage looks. This tutorial walks you through adding a Lomo camera effect to your digital photos to give you a “cultish” look. Follow The Tutorial

3. How To Add Dynamic Lighting To Your Photo

Dynamic Lighting is one of the most popular Photoshop effects as it easily adds a dramatic flair and cinematic effect to your photos. Dynamic lighting is used when you want to make your photo stand out, or when you have a boring, bland photo that really could use some spicing up. Full Tutorial Here

4. Give Your Photos That Epic Movie Effect In Photoshop

Sometimes, you look at a photo, and you think, “hey, that looks like something you’d see in a movie!” The Movie Photoshop effect tutorial will show you how to do just that – turn your epic photos into epic movie scenes quickly and easily for a very striking effect. See The Tutorial Here

5. Add Tattoos To Your Subject In Photoshop

Sometimes you need to create something that just isn’t there, and putting a tattoo on your subject is one of the most popular things photographers will do in order to catch the viewer’s eye. Tattoos say a lot about a person, and photoshopping the right tattoo on your subject can really make them stand out! View the Tutorial

6. Add A Grungy and Dirty Effect To Your Photos

Ever been to a swap meet? There’s always someone there that’s selling old photos, vintage postcards, and if you’re lucky, a stereoscope and 3D cards. If you want that dirty, grungy look, this Photoshop tutorial will walk you through the process of making your photos look like something you’d see at one of those swap meets! Follow The Photoshop Tutorial Here

7. Give Your Building Photos A Blueprint Effect In Photoshop

Blueprints are really cool. Looking at blueprints turns on the left side of your brain and gets the imagination flowing. This video tutorial walks you through adding a blueprint effect to your exterior building photos. Watch the Video

8. Transform Your Subject’s Face Into An Animal

This one’s really cool. If you ever wanted to turn someone into an animal, this video shows you how to do it in photoshop. Can’t think of a practical purpose for this one in the business world, but hey, you artistic types might want to try it! See The Video Here

9. Create An Amazing Dispersion Action in Photoshop

The Dispersion Effect is a really cool “break apart” effect where pieces of the subject appear to be breaking off from them. Excellent for eye catching photo layouts, ad designs and just really cool photos! Check out the Photoshop Tutorial

10. Abandoned and Destroyed City Photoshop Effect

With all the Zombie Apocalypse websites out there, you’re sure to need a photo of a completely destroyed city for one thing or another. If there’s no other reason, the effect of a totally dilapitated city is really cool. View the Tutorial here

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11. Give Your Photo A Broken Glass Effect In Photoshop

Adding the broken glass photoshop effect to an image instantly gives it a rough, abandoned feeling, but it also can give your audience an unsettled, restless feeling too. Follow this photoshop tutorial now

12. Add Infrared Effects To Your Photos

Infrared view is really cool when you want a high tech look. It gives both an eerie and unsettling feeling to photos, and is almost surreal. Check out this video tutorial on how to add infrared effects to your photos!

13. Text To Photo Portrait Art Tutorial

Something that’s used frequently in Advertising is the effect of a hallow text overlay on a portrait photo. This photoshop effect is one of the essential tutorials you probably will want to keep in your photoshop toolbox because it’s so widely used. Watch the Video Tutorial

14. Eye Manipulation and Retina Art in Photoshop

One of the coolest effects is eye manipulation. Adding images or designs to the retina of an eye is a great technique to put into your Photoshop toolbox for when you really want to make your viewers stop and really study the photo. View The Tutorial

15. Create Energy Spheres In Photoshop

Another cool technique is to add what seems to be energy balls eminating from someone’s hands. This technique isn’t hard to do and gives the photo a fun and magical look! Check it out

16. Transform Your Photo Subject Into An Alien

Ok, for you Sci-Fi nuts, here’s how to make over your subject as an alien. Perfect for UFO photos and more! LOL Full Tutorial Here

17. Create The Ironman Heads Up Display in Photoshop

Again, for sci-fi nuts, you might give this one a try: The Ironman Heads Up Display was one of the coolest effects from the movies, and can be done in Photoshop pretty easily. This complete tutorial shows you how

18. Create Calavera Portraits In Photoshop

Honoring the dead is a deep Mexican tradition that is said to bring protection to you and your family. During Dia de Los Muertos, women put on Calavera makeup as part of the festivities. Here’s how to create Calavera in Photoshop.

19. Creating Caricatures in Photoshop

If you’ve ever been to a Carnival, Zoo or Amusement park, you’ll find Caricature artists everywhere. Their drawings are usually pretty funny, as long as it wasn’t you that they were drawing ;D Here’s how to create Caricatures in Photoshop.

20. Add Colorful, Artistic Lines To Children’s Photos

Creating really artistic photos can easily be done using Photoshop, and in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add splashes of color and curvy lines to children’s photos. See the Tutorial

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21. Create A Newsprint Portrait In Photoshop

When you work in the news industry, you often need to create really eye catching photos for header images. This is one option that really can grab your viewer’s attention. Watch The Tutorial

22. Blurring Photos In Photoshop

One of the most basic things you should learn is how to blur photos in Photoshop. The technique is used in some level on almost all image manipulations, so it’s a great thing to learn! See the video tutorial

23. Create A Double Exposure In Photoshop

Another cool Photoshop effect is to create the illusion of a double exposure in Photoshop. This is done by combining two photos on one canvass, and is pretty easy to do. Watch the Tutorial Video

24. How To Make A Person Look Older In Photoshop

Aging a person in photoshop is one of the most widely used photoshop effects used these days, and this tutorial takes you through the steps to make it happen. View the full tutorial here

25.Create A Faded Polaroid Photo in Photoshop

Old Polaroids give people the feeling of nostagla. It could be images from their youth, back before DLSRs and digital photography, but when you want to really take people back, there’s no better way to do it than a Polaroid! View the tutorial here

26. Create a Watercolor Effect In Photoshop

Watercolor paintings have a very unique and warm feel to them. You can use Photoshop effects to recreate a watercolor painting from a photo using this technique. View tutorial here

27. Create a Splatter Paint Effect In Photoshop

Splatter painting is really fun. Just as any kid. Creating a splatter paint effect in Photoshop has it’s bonuses, but the biggest is that you don’t have a ton of paint cleanup to do when you’re done! Check out the tutorial

28. Animal Eyes Photoshop Effect

Animal eyes are cool. What kid hasn’t wanted to have the eyes of a cat or wolf or some other animal? Using this tutorial, you can do just that, and give anyone animal eyes. View The Tutorial

29. Futuristic Eye Photoshop Effect

Kay, I know this one is a lot like the Ironman Tutorial above, but practice makes perfect, right? LOL try this futuristic eye technique. Watch the Tutorial

30. Really Cool Photo Pop Up Effect

Popup books are some of the favorite among kids. For this tutorial you will learn how to create a photo pop up effect in Photoshop. View the tutorial

31. Add Water Reflection To Your Photos

Give photos a water reflection using this easy Photoshop effect tutorial. Read the Tutorial

32. Create The Illusion of Dusk in your Photos

Adding the effect of a sunset or photo near darkfall can give it the pop that you want. Follow the Tutorial here

33. Create Light Leak Effects In Photoshop

Light leaks are common in Lomo photography, and as such, if you’re going to want that vintage look in a photo, you’ll want to know how to create light leak effects. See the Tutorial

34. Add Ghosts To Your Photos in Photoshop

Ghosting is a really cool effect that brings the feeling of movement to a still photo. Using Photoshop, you can add Ghosts to your images easily. View the Tutorial

35. How To Create A Fractal Mirror Effect in Photoshop

Probably most commonly used in those old haunted, abandoned circus photos, the fractal mirror effect is also another good tool to have in your toolbox. See the Tutorial here

36. “Taylor Swift” Double Exposure Effect

For lack of a better term for this, it’s the “Taylor Swift” Photoshop effect. It’s a pretty cool Picture in Picture effect that you might have a use for. Check it out here

37. Photobooth Strip Photo Effects

Recreating that photobooth strip in photoshop is pretty easy to do. This video tutorial shows you how to create it quickly

38. Add A Washout Effect To Give Your Photos a Vintage Look

Washout effects instantly give boring photos that old and vintage look quickly. Here’s how to create that look in Photoshop. Read the Tutorial

39. Add Vignette To A Photo in Photoshop

Vignetting is one of the most popular photoshop techniques. It’s often used for portraits and landscapes. Here’s how to Vignette in Photoshop

40. Blur The Background Behind The Subject In Photoshop

Blurring the background behind a subject is a really good way to make the item or person stand out. Read the tutorial here

41. Create A Tilt Shift Photo in Photoshop

Tilt Shift is the process of making a city scene or similar look like a model layout. It’s a popular photoshop effect, and one that’s good for your travel photos. See the Tutorial

42. Photoshop Effect From Hell ;D

Don’t really know what else to call it, but using this photoshop effect, you can turn any photo into a shot that looks like it was taken in hell. Great for vampire photos too. Read the tutorial

43. Colorize Your Photo

Quickly recreate the effect of a colorized photo using Photoshop. View the tutorial

44. Create A Blurry “UFO” Photo

Why is it that UFO and Sasquatch photos are always black and white and blurry? I don’t know, but here’s how you can create one in Photoshop. Read the Tutorial

45. Sin City Film Noir Photoshop Effects

There’s something about those old Dick Tracy movies that really were cool. Here’s how to recrate that look in Photoshop using effects. View Tutorial here

46. Eliminate Skin Wrinkles In Photoshop

Often used judiciously by portrait and boudoir photographers, removing wrinkles in Photoshop is a great skill to have in your tool set. Read the Tutorial here

47. Depth of Field Photoshop Effects

Creating an artificial depth of field in your photos can add the spice and surrealism you could be looking for. Check out the Tutorial here

48. Film Grain Photoshop Effects

Adding a bit of film grain can really help certain images to have that cinematic look. Here’s the Tutorial

49. Add A Lens Flair to a Sunset Photo

Lens flares are pretty cool. Just ask JJ Abrahams! Anyway, if used sparingly, it can make a photo look really cool. Full Tutorial here

50. Remove Photobombers From Photos in Photoshop

No one wants to see Uncle Al three sheets to the wind in those wedding photos, so what do you do? Remove him using photoshop! Here’s the tutorial

Featured cover photo credit: Howard Pinsky

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50 Best Photoshop Effects For Digital Photos 2017

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